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What I Found, How I Styled: Thrifting Edition

I love thrifting. I love the savings, the quality of items, the unique styles from eras past, and in some way, it is my small contribution to reducing over-consumption.

Since moving with my family to upstate New York, I have been excited to decorate our new space. I decided to no longer by new furniture, but commit to buying only gently used, real wood items. I scoured Facebook Marketplace and local thrift shops to create our style and I am more than pleased with the outcome.

Here are a few of the items I found so far:

Buffet/Sideboard, picture frames and candle holders

I found this solid wood, veneer exterior sideboard/buffer made by B. Brody Seating Company from a Facebook Marketplace seller. I can't tell you if it is authentic or not, but I love it. At first it resided at the entryway, but is now in my bedroom.

I also found some picture frames and candle holders at a Habitat for Humanity store that all blended with the look I want to achieve.

American-made armchairs

I also found a pair of midcentury American made chairs from Gunlocke Company for $20. It was a 30 minute drive out and it was worth it. I do plan on reupholstering it, but for now, I am enjoying it just the way it is.

Farmhouse dining set

This dining set was meant for me and came from two different sources. I went to the basement at my job and saw three farmhouse chairs in storage. I asked the maintenance crew if they were willing to part with it and they said said yes. Around the same time, someone was selling three chairs and this table that extends on Facebook Marketplace. I needed a larger table for my thanksgiving dinner and I drove to Ballston Spa to pick it up. It was perfect with every piece in tact. I initially thought about painting it, but the wood is so beautiful that I kept it the way it is.

Bar height stools

I did a two hour round trip for these solid wood, bar height saddle stools that typically go for about $40 a chair at counter height. I got them for $25 for all four. There were a few loose pieces, but I was able to easily repair them. Even Baba enjoys sitting on them.

Chest of drawers

This Ethan Allen chest of drawers was a surprise for my daughters on Sisters Day 2023. The seller made all these beautiful finishes and it was perfect for their room.

I look forward to more thrifting and as I purchase, I will share all the beautiful results. Whatever your motivation, keep thrifting.

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