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7 Ways to Shift the Energy in Your Home

For a long time, my apartment didn’t feel like home. I have lived here for about a decade, and it’s a great space, but for some reason, I could not find my sweet spot. It started with two of us, expanded to four at its highest and went to three.

It wasn’t because my home is only a little over 400 square feet, or that I still do not like the carpet after all these years. I realized that making a few simple changes helped me appreciate the gem that I have.


If you’re experiencing a similar feeling of your house not feeling like home, here are 7 ways to help bring in the positive energy that you want.

1. Find your style and build on it

To create a more comfortable and cohesive space—whatever that means to you—it is really important to know your style. Otherwise, you’re just buying things to fill in the space, and not because it matches your style. Start by getting inspired. All designers are inspired by something or someone. Whether you start from scratch or continue what you’ve started it’s all about creating the atmosphere that you’re most comfortable in. I used the Havenly Find Your Style” questionnaire which is a great resource and you don’t have to sign up for any services.

2. Send someone packing

Oops!! Did I really say that? Yes I did. There is nothing worse than horrible energy in your home. It is quite unbearable to live with someone whose energy just negatively shifts everything. When you dread coming home, this is the sign that either you have to send someone packing or you need to pack and leave yourself. Leaving may be the only solution on the path to peace, even though change can be hard.

3. Rearrange furniture and storage

Sometimes, all it takes is changing furniture around. The position of your furniture makes such a major difference in the appearance of a room and the flow of energy in that space. Moving your bed or the couch can help it feel more inviting and less cramped than it used to be. I’m not extremely into Feng Shui, but I think some of the basic principles are extremely useful in that it provides guidelines on how to create balance. I think that is what we all strive for in many respects.

4. Declutter

My favorite thing in the entire world is decluttering. I will lose sleep over it, which is a subject for another day, but I believe in keeping things that I need, that spark joy and have meaningful memories. “No clutter in my home, no clutter in my heart, no clutter in my mind,” are my organization and wellness motto. The process of cleansing and purging is therapeutic in so many ways, but it is such an emotional process for people who find it hard to let go of things. If you can’t do it on your own, seek the help of a family member, friend or professional organizer. It truly opens your eyes to the amount of stuff that we keep around us that should not be taking up space in our lives. Go ahead sis and throw away that picture of you and that ex from five years ago. You’ll thank me for it.

5. Find your signature scent

Finding a signature scent can be another enticing way to create good energy. Our olfactory nerves are powerful in that a scent arouses emotions and memories. When you pick a scent for your home, you teach the brain to recognize the calm and warmth of being in the safe space. As you walk through the door, it should feel like a gentle hug and squeeze from someone you love.

6. Get some plants and/or flowers

I am a plant mom to about twenty plants right now and I want to save every plant from the confines of a store, but I don’t have enough money or space. I encourage that if you don’t have any houseplants, start now. There are so many benefits to having indoor plants. Flowers also do a fantastic job of uplifting a room. So go ahead and rescue some flowers and plants from their temporary homes. Take them out of foster care and give them a happy place, because they will add to your joy. Whatever you’re into, I recommend that you truly enjoy its presence.

7. Change your wall art

Displaying artwork can create a feeling of warmth and positivity. Take your time with this one. Careful planning and proper display of wall art may take some time. The placement is important and should tie in with the overall atmosphere that you’re hoping to achieve. Again, seek inspiration and do a trial run before placing them. Once it is all figured out and done, sit back and relax. You did it.

Keep working on shifting the energy in your home and maintaining positivity. You deserve a place that radiates with calm and peace always.

What are your tips for shifting the energy in your home?


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