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5 Reasons Why You Need Indoor Plants

It was about two years ago that I received a pothos from my mother. I loved it and I wondered why I had never had a houseplant, since moving into my apartment. From then on I’ve added many more plants and would highly recommend having indoor plants.

So here are five reasons why you need plants in your life.

Imagine how calm and relaxed and calm you feel after a walk in the park. It’s such a mood booster that you can imagine bringing all these elements indoors. Plants bring that energy and life that you feel among the trees while outdoors. I make it a habit to eat and work near my plants, because having a bit of nature near me indoors has the same effect of a walk in the park. It has a truly calming effect and makes you feel happy.

Regardless of your choice of interior style, plants are an inexpensive way to make any home look great. Whether you’re a minimalist, maximalist or in between, we can all agree that plants add that extra touch. Unlike most design details, plants can be placed almost anywhere as long as they don’t pose a safety hazard. If you would really like to test your green thumb, try propagating your plants. Expand your collection while saving money.

Research by NASA shows that toxins can be tremendously reduced by houseplants within a twenty four hour period. Indoor air pollution can pose health issues, especially for individuals who have respiratory issues such as asthma. This truly was the motivation for expanding my collection of indoor plants. Plants absorb these harmful toxins and leave the air in your home cleaner. Improving the quality of air in your home is most certainly a major reason to have house plants.

There are many plants that are said to improve sleep, such as lavender, jasmine and snake plants to name a few. There is understandably a correlation to better sleep when air quality is improved. Better oxygen and even the mild scents of plants have the ability to create a calming atmosphere and induce sleep. Now tell me who doesn’t want better sleep. I really need to get a lavender plant.

And finally, plants just improve your overall well being. Bringing more life into your home can help create a personal sanctuary, whether you live in a tiny apartment or a large home. It is so therapeutic to care for something outside yourself. There is something healing in the ritual of watering plants, tending to their soil and seeing them grow. It brings so much joy to wake up to them, because they bring me so much peace.

Bring nature in. Bring life in.

What do you enjoy about having plants in your home? What is the first plant you bought or received?


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