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Some Things no Longer Seem or Feel Important

It is undeniable the spiritual energy that reverberates around the globe around this time of year. Whether or not your energy flows towards Christmas, there can be some consensus that the holidays tend to bring out the best in many people. It raises the consciousness of community care.

There are many people like my friend I’m about to introduce who respect the tradition of Christmas, but do not participate. Whether the celebration was part of their past or was never part of their spiritual beliefs, the ritual of Christmas can still be appreciated in some ways.

Friend #3

Name: Tricia

Beliefs: Afro Spirituality

What does Christmas mean to you?

Christmas used to be everything to me. Christmas used to be the moment where I spent time with my family. We didn’t necessarily always exchange gifts, but it was that period in time when you just reconnected.

With it being tied to Christianity and also those ties to ‘gifting,’and who got what, and when and who was able to purchase more, there was this connection to capitalism that no longer read as important to me, and so to Christianity.

I do believe that within this period, there is heightened spiritual energy and I do know that...I do recognize that Christianity did tap into all the ancient knowledges on what that period would mean.

So in a nutshell, Christmas pretty much means nothing to me right now, especially considering I am away from my family most Christmases now.

Does this time of year have any significance, and if so, what do you recognize at this time of year?

The answer is no. It has become just a time that goes by. I think most important to me, and with this essence and sense of Christmas, I would say would be the period where Christianity celebrates Easter, which is actually what I consider to be the period of the new year.

Again, with those spiritual lense. It is within Afro spirituality considered extremely important, that period of time. Not just Afro spirituality, specifically Hinduism also. So, that importance that was put on Christmas for me, I now put on that period of time.

So that energy that I used to have for that period of year, I have transferred to that other period of year.

Was it hard to let go of celebrating Christmas for your new beliefs?

No, because I transitioned into knowledge. I keep trying to learn, trying to discover, so it’s kind of moving into a new space of self and therefore it’s like what was shed—I try to put it clearly; it’s like shedding old skin, you no longer need the old skin. So, it was not difficult at all. Coming into new knowledge, there are some things that no longer seem or feel important.

Thank you Trish for pouring your experience and insight about your spiritual journey.

(Photo by Suresh Natarajan)


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