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Have an Amazing Weekend

What are your plans for the weekend? It’s been a long week for me. Between a sick child, and too many appointments, I barely made it to the end of the week with my head on, but I’m here.

As you go into the weekend, I want you to remember something I have told myself from a young age.

What people think of you is none of your business.

This is not to say that some criticisms aren’t valid and that we can’t learn from those around us, but the opinions of others should not dictate the direction of your life, nor how you conduct yourself as an individual of great character and integrity. In someone’s story, you will always either be the villain or the angel.

Yesterday, I was the villain to a guy who just quickly walked onto the crosswalk in the parking lot near Loews. I think he assumed I was going to knock him down, and shook his head as he walked past my car.

Today I was the angel. I helped bag my groceries at Trader Joe’s, which I always do and enjoy. The cashier was so appreciative, gave me a one arm embrace and wished me a wonderful week.

You can’t make everyone happy, but you can show kindness and respect to them. If this isn’t appreciated, keep it moving so that you can maintain your peace. That alone is priceless.

Have a wonderful weekend of fun, laughter and joy, because you deserve it.


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