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Have a Wonderful Weekend

Weekends are for family. What are your plans for this weekend?

It’s late fall, but I still dream of summer adventures. The irony is, summer is my least favorite season, but with two children, it has become so much more fun.

Having a daughter with severe motion sickness restricted us to the boroughs. These are a few of our local highlights during the summer and early fall.

Trekking to the Staten Island Zoo on the Staten Island Ferry.

If you haven’t been, it’s worth it. It has its own aura that feels peaceful and truly family oriented.

Brooklyn Children’s Museum. One of my daughters’ favorite places to go all year round.

Coney Island.

Deno’s Wonder Wheel Amusement Park. She went on almost every ride. For a kid with severe car sickness, I was amazed how excited she was to try almost every ride.

A ferry ride to dumbo that resulted in ice cream from Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory and a not so successful attempt to get on Jane’s Carousel—it was a royal shit show.

Our first baseball game.

The Medieval Festival at Fort Tyron Park with a visit to The Met Cloisters.

And the most frequent of all, park visit every day, rain or shine.

I miss summer as we plan for a more relatively chill weekend. It’s looking like a museum kind of day tomorrow with a visit to Nana’s house on Sunday.


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