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Have a Great Weekend

I hope you all had a great week. If you didn't, I hope your weekend will be better. This weekend, we're having friends over for a visit. I get to play with a cute baby. I feel like that is my sweet reward for this week.

It is the last weekend before the solar eclipse. I hope you've gotten your glasses. I am super excited about it. We stopped by Warby Parker where we were able to get a few pairs for free.

My 6 year old asked me, "Why is a solar eclipse important?" so I told her it is a rare occurrence. Though we may not be in the point of totality, we get to experience something spectacular. I also put on a video from YouTube to further explain the occurrence of a solar eclipse.

I hope we can see Jupiter in the night sky before it becomes less visible. I hope we can do some self-care and maybe a little hiking.

Fingers crossed.

What are your plans for this weekend?

(Photo: USA Today)


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