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Exploring Albany Pine Bush Preserve

This week has been one of new beginnings and a deeper understanding of what I need in my life to feel like I am thriving. More and more, I see it's the small things. One of these simple pleasures is hiking.

Moving around mountainous terrain is comforting for an island girl like myself. Growing up, I was surrounded by fruit and vegetable trees, and many tropical plants in my small fishing village. Maybe I am now trying to replicate the experiences of my childhood, but whatever the motivation, I am here to experience the great outdoors.

Last Sunday, the family and I went hiking at the Albany Pine Bush Preserve, which I would consider to be a great beginner trail.

The girls were super excited. Even in New York City, we were very outdoorsy, so being surrounded by even more trees and less noise was something that made them extremely happy.

We decided to tackle the blue trail where we encountered many families exploring. It was fun meeting them along the way, so it wasn't an isolating experience. We also met two elders who seemed very happy to be on this gentle trail.

After tackling that entire trail while engaging in meaningful and fun conversations, and a few funny encounters, we walked back over to the discovery center. There, we were greeted by a wonderful young lady who gave us a wealth of information about the Pine Bush Preserve habitat and how it is maintained.

We made our way through the displays. We left feeling so much calmer and more informed than when we came in. Remember, walking (for those who are able) can be an easy self-care strategy to incorporate in your life.

Make time to connect with nature and get to know your city through exploration.

Share your city and the best walking/hiking trails you've been on.


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