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A Weekend Away: The Catskills

Two weeks ago, I finally committed to a trip that required us to be in the car for three plus hours. I have a child who has severe motion sickness, and it means car sickness that can sometimes become overwhelming and very worrying. If executed right, she can last a two hour trip, so with an invitation from a friend, we booked an Airbnb, packed the car and off we went.

I was ecstatic. For a long time, I was going through a severe case of escapism. All I wanted to do was leave NYC and go to somewhere as rural as possible, much like my native country. I’m a girl from a small fishing village who is enamored with nature. It fills me with joy, hope and excitement. I feel more connected to myself and Mother Earth when I am among trees and near the ocean. I feel a deep sense of calm.

As we left the city, I was hopeful that the trip would be a successful one—aka no vomiting. Unfortunately, that wasn’t the case. My daughter kept vomiting and traffic was a nightmare. Even in the midst of that, we took a break at a rest stop overlooking NYC from near Edgewater NJ. It was beautiful. Even though it was windy and cold, I appreciated the beauty around me and the city in the not so distant view. We enjoyed the many colors of fall from the changing colors of the leaves as we drove further upstate.

By the time we made it to the mountains, I was over it and ready to just take a nap. Rinsing off clothes, hydrating and feeding people was the focus. We were happy to see our friends who were already there. It was dark and we were just happy to have a beautiful apartment to rest our heads. Somehow, I had enough strength to put together a quick dinner of salmon and sautéed vegetables. The night was pretty much over.

Then I woke up in the morning and was greeted by an amazing view of colorful trees right outside.

We got to enjoy a petting zoo and Liv got to enjoy a pony ride with her friend. Liv loved feeding the animals after getting over her initial fear. Scar could not be bothered and kept enjoying her time playing on the tiny play area.

The weather wasn’t the best for the two days that we were there, but we made the best of it by relaxing, watching the kids play, and really connecting with nature. I wish we could have stayed longer and really explored Main Street.

As a Hallmark Channel lover, especially around Christmas time, I imagined myself being part of small town life. When we left Hunter Mountain through the winding hills, my heart began to miss the place that was now in the rear view mirror. I had only gotten to know for two days, but it felt like home. Hopefully, we will be back soon.

What are your plans for this weekend whether you celebrate Halloween or not?


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