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A Happy Birthday

Happy birthday to me. I am so grateful to be here another year on this planet, breathing, as healthy as I can be with a chronic illness and loving those around me.

As I get older, one thing I value about myself is my ability to be authentic. What you see is what you get. I am tactfully honest, I care about people, and I am doing the work necessary to grow mentally and spiritually.

I love myself, and whatever parts I don’t love so much, I’m working on making the changes so I can love me even more.

As I celebrate another year around the sun, I am reminded that the one person I have to live with is me. “She matters, she is enough, she is precious, and the more I take care of her, the more she takes care of me. She is deserving of everything good.”

I am grateful. I am here. I am alive and I will keep living.


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