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5 Best Meals I’ve Made Recently

Food is the great equalizer. We all have to eat and I believe if you love to eat, you should at least learn to make a few good dishes well. The pans are always clanking in my home, so here are five meals I made recently that I thoroughly enjoyed.

1. Fried ripe plantains and sautéed vegetables

Fried plantains, a staple in the Caribbean is one of my favorite foods. The natural and sweetness and creaminess of plantains make them perfect for frying if you’re looking for a gluten free option. I am a savory breakfast person all the way, so I made this delicious plate of kale that I got from the community garden, mushroom and tomatoes, sautéed with diced pepperoni for flavor. Oh, it was so good.

2. Lettuce Wrap

Can you ever go wrong with a lettuce wrap? If you are looking for a no fuss dinner that lets you use that lettuce in your refrigerator before it rots, this is a great meal. I used ground beef and some diced red pepper sautéed with coconut amino, a dash of salt and some chili pepper flakes for some heat and layered it on top of some jasmine rice.

3. Brown stew chicken, rice and plantains

Now this right here is a more complex dish that may need a recipe later, but here is what you’re looking at. A brown stew chicken with lentils, with rice, fried plantains, and salad. The brown stew is something I grew up on as a child in St.Lucia and I love it.

4. Crêpes and sausages

If you’re looking for a savory and sweet dish that loads on the mirepoix, go with this sausage and crêpes breakfast.

5. Sourdough toast and eggs

Breakfast will always reign supreme for me, so making a spread of an egg sunny side up, toasted sourdough topped with avocado and zhoug sauce, with lettuce and strawberries is heaven for me on a busy morning.

Share some of the best things you’ve made lately.


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