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Have a Restful Weekend

There seems to be a common thread in this pandemic, and it has a lot to do with the quality of sleep that people have been getting. It seems like so many people on social media platforms have been complaining about their sleep hygiene being trash throughout the pandemic. It seems worse among mothers or primary caretakers single or married. I’m right there with you. Even worse is that I have been struggling with sleep since before the pandemic.

It was 11:28 p.m yesterday when I finally got a moment to pause. It is a little more frequent than I would like to admit. Some days, bedtime goes on for longer than planned, and given that I share a 450 square foot apartment with two children, I make sure to tidy up the apartment every night, while the girls sleep. It is so easy for things to pile up, that I make sure I do a little every day, especially folding the never ending laundry situation. It makes me want to cry some days.

This week started with me being in a little bit of a rut. It’s been a roller coaster of emotions, but somehow, I have always been the person who can push through even in the midst of a difficult time. I sat down on my yoga mat, crossed my legs and turned on my Goodful Meditation. I needed everything to stop. I needed my mind to pause for a few minutes so I did a 10 minute guided meditation for sleep.

This is a difficult time for everyone, but it is especially hard on parents. We’re about to hit the one year mark, and I am so grateful I am making it through, nonetheless, this pandemic has truly been the ultimate test of mental health for so many people. I laid on the floor, uncurled my eyebrows, unclenched my jaw, and relaxed my shoulders in an attempt to release the stress of the days, weeks, and the past year, just so that I can make it to bed.

Here are three things that are helping me achieve better sleep.

1. Stretching

2. Guided sleep meditation

3. Sleep manifestation and affirmations


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