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Sundays are Meant for R + R

I was about to head to bed and realized that this is the last Sunday that I will be doing homework for a while, unless I decide to torture myself by going back to school again. I will finally finish that bachelors degree. Then, I will be able to get back to what Sundays are meant for. Rest and relaxation.

When I was growing up in my small village, on Sunday all the shops were closed and everything was quiet. People took that time to visit family members they hadn’t seen all week, went to church, had Sunday dinner and relaxed with heavy bellies. That’s what Sundays are meant for.

With more time on my hands coming up, I am looking forward to doing these things:

Self care Sunday

I am terrible at caring for myself more than what is necessary. That means I sometimes neglect making time to take a nice long shower and some weekly skin care routine. I look forward to shaving my legs more than once every 2 months (I barely get hair on my legs and it’s fall, so hopefully you don’t think I’m a complete savage), do more stretching and working out in my living room. I don't do gyms. Not before the quarantine and most definitely not now. At home self care is in full effect.



I love being outdoors with my girls. I love nature and so do they. The only time we’re not outside is during storms, and if the temperature dips below 25 degrees. Even though all we get is twenty minutes of outdoor time, it is important to make that time to breathe in some air other than what’s in our home. I can’t wait to get back to that.

Sunday dinners

Before going back to school, I had Sunday dinner more frequently. I enjoyed cooking and baking and having the girls in the kitchen more often with me. It’s science they can eat! I miss that terribly, so I look forward to us making dishes that take more than thirty minutes and delicious desserts for our tea parties.

Detach + Nap

I am looking forward to strictly implementing a no electronic devices for several hours day and spend that time reading and/or napping. Recreational reading never got completed while I was in school, so I am looking forward to starting and finishing many books. I will also make naps a real priority to refresh us.


We love tea parties and dance parties at my house. I want us to tea party it up, and dance like no one is watching, because no one will be. I therefore declare Sundays as dance like it’s 1999 day. I want to increase the joy, laughter and happiness in my home. So Sunday, here we come.

Share some of your Sunday rituals?

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