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My Worn Story: A Journey Through Clothes

When discussing fashion, people can have very strong views on what it means to them, or their beliefs on the industry as a whole. No matter where you stand on the subject, the fact that you exist in a body makes you are a participant of the world of fashion. Even nudist wear shoes, and that small contribution is an indicator that fashion is part of all our lives.

Captured by me in the Financial District in NYC

Recently, I came across the show Worn Stories on Netflix. It is a show where people explore articles of clothing that played a major role in their lives. Whether it be memories of a fun adventure, a source of identity and inclusion, or a moment where tenacity and resilience paid off, clothes hold beautiful meaning. I have to say I was captured and began to think about all the clothes that hold great meaning in my life—or at least those I can find photos of.

These are the clothing that spoke to me at the time and some to this day.

1. My leather jacket

One of the earliest sightings of this leather jacket was from 2009. I bought it from Arden B. From the moment I saw it, I fell in love. When I wear it, I feel like a total 5’ 3” badass and sexy at the same time. The belt adds a great feminine touch and cinches my waist line for a great silhouette. I just feel great when I’m in it. And as a girl whose favorite season is fall, followed by winter, I look forward to wearing it every year.

2. My favorite swimsuit

This swimsuit is a thing of beauty. I still have it, even though I haven’t worn it since I had my first daughter. It was so liberating to wear this bathing suit to the beach. For a long time, I had a love hate relationship with my legs. It was years before I went to a beach after moving to the US. As much as it was difficult being away from the ocean for that long, I needed time to learn to love every part of my body. Every time I wore it, it felt like a coming out party and me making the declaration, “Take me as I am world, because I love me.” There is no greater feeling.

3. My light blue booty shorts

Following the display of my legs in a swimsuit came the freedom to wear these shorts. They were a pair of Forever 21 shorts that gave me life. The hips have certainly widened since this photo turning them into what looks like underwear and not pants, so I can ever wear these outdoors again. I have to say I love them and I still wear it around the house when cleaning.

4. My grey sling bag

This was a gift from a friend back in my days as a babysitter. We worked in the same building and got to know each other pretty well. She gave me this bag as a birthday gift and I loved it. It looked great with everything and fed into my love of chains and leather while being relatively understated. I loved it. It had a lifespan of almost eight years until I had to retire her, but I had so many great times with this bag.

5. My trench coat

I purchased this coat from Banana Republic and it has been one of my staples during fall and spring seasons. You can never go wrong with a great trench coat and the quality is superb. To this day, it still looks like new. After two children, I’m still able to fit in there. It satisfies my connection with timeless pieces over trends. I hope I never have to give this away.

6. My wedding dress

Last, but not least, my wedding dress. Though I am no longer a wife, I loved and still love my wedding dress. It’s tucked away in my closet, but the story behind this dress was overwhelming. I was probably about a week away from my wedding date and still hadn’t found a dress. I was filled with anxiety and I walked into a DVF store in Soho. The store was low on stock. I tried a couple dresses and wasn’t happy, but I came across this one. Then I ran into a size issue, but with the help of the staff, I was able to find the dress. It was perfect.

Clothes tell a story, so the question is, what story are your clothes telling about you or what story do you want them to tell?


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