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It Doesn’t Take Much: Just be Kind

We are still in the midst of a whole pandemonium—a.k.a pandemic— and I, like many people am vaxed, masked and ready to conquer outside. Unfortunately, I’m ready to throw in the towel. I am somewhat disappointed.

It seems that this pandemic has changed many and not necessarily for the better. I get it. Times are hard and people have lost so much. We’re all trying our best to get through the day without an earth-shattering meltdown. Some people are trying to hold it together while some are unleashing their turmoil on others.

In these times, a little kindness can go such a long way. This is exactly the time we should be exercising a bit more kindness toward each other. We are all walking with some degree of pain, heartache and even trauma. It’s never okay to unleash that on those who have caused you no harm.

Lately I’ve just been seeing the anger and rage in people. From the woman last week who was driving a little too close behind me as I slowed down to find a parking and took the time to roll down her window to yell profanities me, to the driver who looked like she was not going to stop at the light and risk running straight into me.

I swear y’all, I don’t feel like I’m missing anything when I am home, if this is the way people feel the need to conduct themselves. These are the days when my introvert tendencies are screaming at me to retreat indoors. The only thing keeping me outside is that my children need the socialization, and that I need to increase my serotonin and vitamin D levels. Otherwise, I’d be indoors, happily enjoying the company of myself.

I am venting. I need it. In these instances, I respond appropriately and try to remind myself that many more people show me kindness than the opposite. Vent in a healthy way and focus on all the good that comes your way. Change the internal dialogue and believe your way into an amazing week.

Choose kindness.

If you need a moment to vent, share in the comments. Share stories of kindness that you extended or you received.



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