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How are you Sleeping in this Pandemic?

I would love to say I’m sleeping like this baby, but I am not. I am tired. I am tired beyond belief. I am drained. Drained by the deaths in my family, the life changes that are taking place and even this election. My sleep routine has turned to garbage over the years and even worse lately. I am struggling to get back to sleeping like a normal person, even though I am not sure what that even means.

Over the last few years, I have become a horrible sleeper. I am not sure if it is my fibromyalgia or mild to moderate anxiety. Night time is horrible for me, because I have an insane need to make sure that my entire apartment is clean before laying my head to bed, no matter how tired I am. I am driven by a fear of an invasion of rodents and roaches, and if you live in a city where you share walls, you’ll understand.

I look at the clock and see 10p.m, then 11p.m and later, only to find my self still vacuuming and cleaning. I have to be one of thousands who clean when stressed. You can see your face on my floors when I am done cleaning. I decide to make changes and I will succeed for about a week, then fall off the bandwagon.

So, how are you sleeping? What are your best tips for falling asleep? I’d love to hear...



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