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Have a Wonderful Weekend

If anything speaks to my soul and my life, it is the two phrases “Breathe” and “Stay Present.” It is not always easy to accomplish, but I live by these rules.

As a mom of two under four, a part time job and school, maintaining my sanity all around is crucial. Like most moms these days who have so much going on, it is important to make the best of these twenty-four hours—while still getting some sleep of course.

This weekend, I am organizing my apartment. Sharing a moderately sized apartment—by NYC standards—with three other people is quite a lot. So I will be doing quite a bit of breathing while trying to clean, yet keep two little people entertained.

So as many of you do your Saturday cleaning, take time to breathe and try to remain present with yourself and your respective families.

Have a wonderful weekend.

(Sketch from the booklet “What to do if you experience: Emotional Stress or Burnout” courtesy of Baruch College Counseling Center Staff 2019, with special thanks and credit to Jordan Alam for her inspiration)


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