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21 Questions: Get to Know me

We made it through the first Monday of 2021. I am so grateful to have made it out of 2020, even though I’m still dizzy from the whiplash that entire year gave me. For that reason, I feel I am due for a proper introduction.

I started this blog a little over a year ago, but only began actively blogging in November 2020. Since then the blog has grown, and I’m happy that you decided to take time to read my posts. I hope you stick around to get to know me and also what the future holds for Breathe by Bre.

1. Where did you grow up?

I grew up in St. Lucia.

2. Where do you currently live?

I live in Brooklyn, New York. I’ve lived here since I moved to the U.S.A.

3. What do you enjoy most about living in NYC?

Access to everything without having a car. There is so much adventure here and always something to do.

4. What inspired you to start your blog?

My blog was born out of a journey to wellness and becoming my best self. In 2019, I was struggling to maintain all my roles especially being a wife, mother and student, so I sought out the help of a therapist. Writing has always be cathartic for me, so after therapy was complete, I thought blogging would be a great way to reach out to others seeking tips on mindful living, wellness and personal development.

5. Your personality type?

Based on the Jung Typology Test, I’m an INFJ. I’m an introverted empath and a highly sensitive person. I’m moderately sociable, and I genuinely care about others and their wellbeing, but I get drained by people easily. I enjoy lots of quiet time and my dream is to work from home in my area of expertise.

6. What did you study in college?

Psychology with a concentration in industrial/organizational psychology.

7. Any pets?

No. I don’t like the idea of pets in my apartment. I wouldn’t mind a dog in a larger space, but I have one child who is terrified and the other is slightly allergic, so we can’t have one.

8. Your favorite color?

All neutral tones, but primarily gray.

9. If you could live anywhere in the world for a year, where would it be?

It would have to be France. It could be city or countryside, but I would prefer somewhere in between. I love the French approach to life, work and the language. I may find it a little easier to learn the language since I can read and write a bit in French.

10. Three TV shows you love?

Monk, Psych and Gilmore Girls.

11. Best movie you saw recently?

Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.

12. Best time of day?

Sunset. I’m not a morning person and sunsets are just beautiful.

13. Favorite genre of music?

90s and early 2000s R&B.

14. What is your favorite kind of cuisine?

Thai food is the ultimate for me, but I love East Asian cuisine in general. The spices, the heat, the complexity. I love it all, especially ramen.

15. What is your dream car?

A Jeep Wrangler. They’re small, compact but they last a long time. They adapt to most terrain. It is kind of me in a car. Lol.

16. What are your biggest fears in life?

Failure, mice and roaches.

17. What was your dream job when you were a teenager?

In my teens, I was set on being a fashion designer, but after socializing a bit in the fashion design scene, I knew it wasn’t for me. I still love design though.

18. What is your favorite sweet treat?

Tiramisu. It’s delicate and not too sweet.

19. What are your top 3 hobbies?

Eating, cooking, and creating art and craft.

20. What do you do for self care consistently?

I am not the best when it comes to self care, but even as someone who was staunchly against baths, it has been one of the few things that soothe me. So for now baths do it for me.

21. Name three things you admire about yourself?

I am empathetic, I can connect with people deeply to the point where they’re spilling out their life stories shortly after, and my tenacity.


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